Josh, the definition

I am a pharmacist.  I know anyone who reads this is already fully aware of that fact, but lets examine the meaning of that statement.  A quick google search will define a pharmacist as a person who, being trained in pharmaceuticals, accepts a physicians order, evaluates the appropriateness of this order, then dispenses  medication to the patient.  You’ll notice that I am not mentioned in that definition.  In fact, nowhere, in any definition of a pharmacist, will you find my name.  Why?  Because I do not define the profession of pharmacy just as the profession of pharmacy does not define me.

Yes, I am a pharmacist.  This is an entirely true statement.  I am also a Christian, a husband, a friend.  I am insecure.  I am willing to learn new things.  I am so much more than only a pharmacist.

I absolutely want to be a successful and effective in my career.  Despite constant frustrations with my current position, I am doing what I was meant to do.  I firmly believe it is my path to impact peoples lives through this profession.  However, it is more important to me to become a great husband, and one day, a wise, caring father.  My friends are very valuable to me; I aspire to be as good to them as they are to me.  Laugh if you will, but I dream of being a musician.  I long to be able to express myself through music, even if no else ever hears it.  A person is truly defined by their choices, their aspirations, their experiences.  All of these things make up who a person is and who they will become.

Definitively, I am not a pharmacist.  I am Josh and we will just have to leave it at that…


Not Exactly The First…

I wouldn’t call this my first blog post because that would be factually incorrect.  Blogging is not something new for me, but my desire to be a part of this “new” form of journaling bled dry years ago.  Don’t get me wrong.  I don’t consider blogging, or bloggers for that matter, to be uninteresting.  Some of my very close friends blog all the time.  I enjoy reading their blogs.  I also enjoy reading the blogs of people to whom I am not inclined to maintain a relationship with. This is for purely superficial reasons I’m afraid.  Blogs can be a kind of  unintentional form of gossip that is spread directly by the subject.

But that is neither here nor there.  It is not my intention to create a personal diatribe on the subject of blogging or my misuse of blogs in general.  My only desire tonight is to do away with that dreadful “Hello world!” post that is the wordpress standard greeting to the blogosphere.  It is a foolish looking introduction which is best served by being deleted and replaced.  With that said, it seems I have achieved the first short term goal on my blogging “to-do” list.

I think I’ll mark that box checked and go to bed.